Facial Aesthetics Treatment


Patient Description:

55 year-old healthy female smoker who was dissatisfied with facial discolorations and hanging skin on the neck.

Treatment Description:

Patient was unwilling to undergo surgical procedures. Her cosmetologist, introduced her to Slimspec, a product originally designed to use acoustic radial waves for cellulite reduction and body firming. Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy (ARWT) has been shown to improve blood circulation and metabolism of fat cells within the skin’s connective tissue. This improves lymphatic drainage of skin toxins and stimulates collagen formation, thus making the skin more elastic and firm.

Recently, ARWT has been applied to clearing facial blemishes and tightening sagging skin. ARWT increases metabolism in the treated area, so toxins and fluids retained within fat cells can be released by the lymphatic system. The cosmetologist applied unfocused acoustic radial waves to the patient’s neck and chin, and beneath her eyes.


Patient underwent a series of 5 treatments at the cosmetologist’s studio. After the first treatment, there was a noticeable reduction in red facial discoloration. Upon the third treatment, skin was significantly firmer and more flexible. Skin on the neck and under the eyes showed reduced swelling and was more taut.


The treatment suggested by this practitioner serves as only one among several treatment options. Practitioners are advised to tailor treatment to the individual symptoms and needs of each client.