ESWT for The Treatment of Multiple Injuries


Patient Description:

30-year-old Andrea Miller, world-ranked hurdler from New Zealand, diagnosed with necrosis/bone degeneration of the medial tibial plateau, subsequent to anserinus bursitis.

Treatment Description:

Initially the injury was treated with cortisone injections, which yielded only short-term relief. Patient turned to Kompass Health Associates, where Kenneth Craig suggested Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment with Orthospec by Medispec Ltd. After the first treatment session, there was immediate reduction in resting symptoms and swelling, and improvement in appearance. Following three more sessions, there was evident regrowth of the tissue damaged by cortisone. Patient, now pain-free, returned to competitive training and within one year broke her own record in the European circuit.

Two years later, the patient suffered a 12 mm medial bundle planter fascia tear. Initial conventional therapy included taping, moon boot, and autologous blood injections. As patient was unable to train at a competitive level, she returned to Kompass Health Associates for ESWT. There was an immediate resolution of morning pain, and within three weeks there was a 90% improvement in muscle function.


Patient immediately began to train for the 2010 Commonwealth games and won a bronze medal. “I am thankful to have the opportunity to compete in the 2010 games,” says Ms. Miller. “I truly thought my Commonwealth dreams were over even before they had begun.” In addition to being a champion hurdler, Ms. Miller is a licensed physiotherapist. “I am familiar with shockwave therapy, but the device that Ken uses is different—with far better outcomes.”

Currently Ms. Miller is training for the 2012 London Olympics.