Efficacy of Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy for the Treatment of ED in Diabetic Patients: A Pooled Analysis

Andrei Vinarov 1, Leonid Spivak 1, Boaz Appel 2, Tamar Shultz More 3 and Ilan Gruenwald 2.
1: I.M. Sechenov First MSMU of Minzdrav of Russia, Moscow, Russia; 2:The Neuro-urology Unit, Rambam Healthcare Campus, Haifa, Israel.3: Medispec Ltd USA

Introduction & Objectives
Low-intensity shock wave therapy (LI –ESWT ) using the Omnispec model ED1000 has been shown to be effective as a non-invasive treatment for men suffering from vasculogenic Erectile
Dysfunction (ED). It has provided benefit for both PDE5i responders and non-responders regardless of severity level.

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