New Product Registration

We are happy to announce that the ED1000 has been approved in Singapore.

Since we are aware of the significance of these registrations for leveraging your sales we will continue our endeavors to achieve registration in as many countries as possible to help you boost your sales in your region.

New affiliation for Medispec in Nigeria

We are happy to announce the opening of our new affiliate office in Lagos, Nigeria.

The office will serve local and regional partners and distributors, providing tech support, and training on our systems for existing and new customers. The office will be managed by Dr. Oluranti Adekunle.

Japanese Website

Medispec website and product information are now available also in Japanse, to the great benefit of our customers and patients in Japan. We would like to thank our Japanese distributors, Meditec Far East, for their great efforts.

Medispec website is also available in Spanish, French and Russian (coming soon).

Medispec on LinkedIn

linkedin-logoWe are delighted to present you to Medispec’s official page on LinkedIn here:

We invite you to follow us and stay up to date with important and interesting news as part of Medispec family as well share your thoughts with us.

Medispec official YouTube channel

Medispec’s official YouTube channel is now online with most of our product marketing videos:

Feel free to subscribe to the Medispec channel, and use it as reference in your marketing efforts to promote Medispec products in your region. With time we will add more videos such as testimonials and treatments demos