ED1000 is now registered in Taiwan

We are proud to announce that our flagship product – the ED1000- is now also approved by the TFDA (Taiwanese FDA).

We wish to thank our Taiwanese distributor Mr. Sherman Lee and the entire team at Sharpmed Instruments Co. Ltd. for their tremendous efforts expanded in obtaining the TFDA certificate and license.

ED1000 is now registered in China

ED1000 is now registered in China

We are delighted to announce that after years of efforts, our flagship product – the ED1000 is now approved by the CFDA (Chinese FDA).

In China we are partnered with Beijing Weili Co. (http://en.wei-li.com), as our exclusive distributor for the ED1000.

Looking forward to exploring the Chinese market on all its enormous potential and its unique challenge.

The Expansion Continues…

First ED1000 installed in Nicaragua’s Hospital Monte España, with the first patient treated. In the picture,(left to right): Dr. Salo Watemberg (Medispec), Dr Juan Carlos Avendaño, director of the hospital, and Dr Horacio Aleman, treating urologist.


ED1000 Keeps Conquering the World

The first 5 patients have been treated at the Clinica Cira Garcia in Havana, Cuba. In the picture: Dr. Salo Watemberg (Medispec), Prof. Ramiro Fragas and Dr Leonor Carvallo.

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ED1000 is now registered in Brazil

ED1000 has been approved by the ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) for commercial sales in Brazil. We wish to thank Mr. Fernando Saraiva, director of Adef Rio, our distributor in Brazil, for his hard work and efforts in helping us to complete this long and important process.



Medispec has launched today, during the ESSM congress in Turkey, its ED-1000 Desktop system for treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED). ED-1000 Desktop is designed based on Medispec’s accumulated experience and expertise, enabling physicians to extend treatment availability to additional small facilities, and at home treatments. In numerous cultures and countries ED treatment is considered a cause for embarrassment for men. Enabling physicians to attend to patients after clinic hours is now easy, as the physician can carry the modular system from the clinic with him and treat patients at the privacy of their homes. ED-1000 Desktop is light weighted (12Kg), modular and mobile, yet offers the same clinical advantages of the company’s successful ED-1000 system.

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ED-1000 offers a pain-free treatment that for significant long-term improvement in sexual performance of men suffering from ED. It utilizes non-invasive shockwave therapy to trigger the body’s natural repair mechanism, successfully treating the underlying cause of ED and not merely its symptoms. The treatment is safe, fast and completely free of side effects. The solution is also beneficial for patients who have not responded well to pharmacological alternatives, and treatment cost is comparable to that of a standard drug regimen, with the added benefit of long-term results.

Since the launch of the ED-1000 system, it has demonstrated enormous success across the world, with outstanding results in over 30 countries, including the UK, Spain, Greece, Japan, Korea, HK, Canada, and more. In the US, the ED-1000 is limited to investigational use.
Recently, the European Association of Urology (EAU) has officially accepted Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT) as the gold standard for treatments of Erectile Dysfunction in the EAU 2013 guidelines on Male Sexual Dysfunction. This was based on clinical trials using Medispec’s ED1000.

In order to extend the reach of this innovative treatment to additional medical facilities and offer treatment to patients who are reluctant to receive such treatment in public facilities, Medispec has designed a compact and mobile desktop version of this successful system. The system is already commercially available in different countries such as  Turkey, Japan and India.