ED China guidelines

ED China guidelines

Low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy In recent years, low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT) is becoming the innovative therapy to treat ED 144. In the early randomized double-blind controlled study, LI-ESWT has positive effect in short-term clinical efficacy and physiological influence to those ED patients who use PED5 inhibitors145. ED1000 is approved in our country and has done a lot of long-term clinical studies abroad. Rosen 146 reported that ED1000 has a 70% effective rate to ED patients who are responsive to PDE5. Moreover, Kitrey 147 found that it has certain effect to ED patients who are non-responders to PDE5 and after treatment, 60.8% patients changed from non-responders to responders. In addition, Gruenwald 148 indicated that LI-ESWT is effective to diabetic ED patients and the effective rate is 56%.

Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy Improves Hemodynamic Parameters in Patients with Vasculagenic ED: A Triplex Ultrasonography-Based Sham-Controlled Trail

Dimitrios Kalyvianakis, MD, FECSM, Dimitrios Hatzichristou, MD, PhD, FECSM Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece


Background: Although several reports have documented the subjective improvement of erectile function after low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT) in patients with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction (ED), objective assessment data of penile hemodynamics are lacking.

Aim: To assess penile hemodynamics before and 3 months after LI-ESWT in a group of patients with documented vasculogenic ED.

ED1000 is now registered in Taiwan

We are proud to announce that our flagship product – the ED1000- is now also approved by the TFDA (Taiwanese FDA).

We wish to thank our Taiwanese distributor Mr. Sherman Lee and the entire team at Sharpmed Instruments Co. Ltd. for their tremendous efforts expanded in obtaining the TFDA certificate and license.

ED1000 is now registered in China

ED1000 is now registered in China

We are delighted to announce that after years of efforts, our flagship product – the ED1000 is now approved by the CFDA (Chinese FDA).

In China we are partnered with Beijing Weili Co. (http://en.wei-li.com), as our exclusive distributor for the ED1000.

Looking forward to exploring the Chinese market on all its enormous potential and its unique challenge.

The Expansion Continues…

First ED1000 installed in Nicaragua’s Hospital Monte España, with the first patient treated. In the picture,(left to right): Dr. Salo Watemberg (Medispec), Dr Juan Carlos Avendaño, director of the hospital, and Dr Horacio Aleman, treating urologist.


ED1000 Keeps Conquering the World

The first 5 patients have been treated at the Clinica Cira Garcia in Havana, Cuba. In the picture: Dr. Salo Watemberg (Medispec), Prof. Ramiro Fragas and Dr Leonor Carvallo.

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